Forever Young
As the old song goes, "Those were the days, my friend.  We thought they'd never end".   Now
let's step back in time and remember when we were forever young.

The pages in this section of the web site contain pictures from grade school through our senior
year in high school.  On the navigation bar to the left, you can select:

    Pictures from our senior class yearbook by clicking on the "Senior Yearbook" button.

    Pictures from our freshman, sophomore and junior class yearbooks and other photos taken
by our fellow classmates, by clicking on the "High School Years" button.

    Pictures from our junior high school years by clicking on the "Junior High Years" button.

    Pictures from our grade school years by clicking on "The Early Years" button.

Note:  Most of the files in this section are in the Macromedia Flash format, so you will need a
flash player installed on your computer.  If you do not have a flash player on your computer, you
can download the Adobe Flash Player (no cost) from the
Adobe Web Site.  

These files may also take a few minutes to load, depending upon the speed of your computer,
but it will be worth it.  Once you are on the page, left click on your mouse to go to the next page
or use the navigation buttons at the bottom left of the page.   Hope your journey down this path
brings you nothing but good memories.
Just to let you know, flash files may contain music.